Mass chicken farming could lead to another pandemic, a scientist claims

Killer virus from chicken farms could wipe out half of mankind, scientist warns
In his book “How To Survive a Pandemic”.

In a new book that looks at warding off future pandemics post-COVID-19, Dr Michael Greger highlights the dangers of the poultry and meat industry

He warns that a poultry-transmitted virus like H5N1 could be far deadlier than COVID-19 if it mutates to spread rapidly among human beings.

Moreover he added , diseases harboured by poultry such as avian flu pose an even greater risk to humans than coronavirus.

Mass chicken farming could lead to another pandemic, the scientist claims,  leaving humans vulnerable to a killer virus which could wipe out half of the world’s population.

Covid-19, which experts believe originated in bats before jumping to humans

It has now claimed the lives of 364,000 people as it sweeps across the world.

The flu-like virus has now infected more than 6 million people globally after it first emerged in the city of Wuhan,China at the end of last year.

But Dr Greger, who made the grim prediction in his new book “How To Survive A Pandemic” says,

“intensive chicken farming could be an even greater threat to the world as we know it.”

From the infectious potential of broiler chicken to the threats. Dr Gregg goes into the many ways animal-borne diseases can spread to humans due to current lifestyle practices.

Dr Greger calls for reforming the way domestic animals are raised in a bid to stop the next killer flu.

He  has long been critical of the health risks posed by meat-based diets and has prominently advocated for plant-based food.