KARACHI: Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences Lahore, Dr Javed Akram talking on Sunday detailed if an individual cured of coronavirus could contract the virus again.

Dr Javed Akram said that due to the virus strain which is fairly new, nothing concrete can be said on the matter as yet but a relapse is yet to be reported.

Akram said that he is in constant contact with Chinese health professionals and they too have nothing of the sort to report but if the virus continues to mutate and grow stronger, a possibility of cured patients relapsing may arise.

He added that if the virus remained stable then the antibodies developed by a cured coronavirus patient will be sufficient to fend off the germs in the future.

Dr Akram said that a normal human being produces antibodies enough to battle the virus for at least six months but after that the defense starts to depreciate.

Talking about plasma donations from cured patients, Dr Akram said that a cured patient is eligible to donate plasma once every week.