Prime Minister Imran Khan has faced many challenges. He has fought for Pakistan stability and prosperity. The cricket icon turned politician will now have to make hard choices, and quickly.

Here is a rundown of the biggest hurdles Pakistan and Government is facing right now

Corona Virus and role of media

Corona Virus has hit the world hard.Desperate cries of shortage of ventilators, hospital beds and testing equipment is reverberating through the corridors of the economic powers in America and Europe. They are losing doctors and nurses, their first line of defense against this unforgiving disease. The fight for survival of human race has entered a critical phase.

Here in Pakistan the government is struggling with ugly ground realities. With public health system in total loss, inefficient and working under capacity, the politics has taken center stage, thanks to media.

And all this is going on when we are fighting a war we might never win.

Political attacks

While the West fights for our survival too. We in Pakistan, a developing third world country, with 24% of population living under multidimensional poverty, are more concerned with political point scoring by the elite politicians, who like many leaders around the world including the Royal blood, are not immune to this pandemic.

It is shocking that in this hour of despair our politicians unabashedly with the help of some media personnel aim to malign the sitting government.

Continuous Economic Crises

For the purpose of continuity this present government had to start where the previous one had left after ruling us for decades. Remember this government inherited an economically torn and tattered Pakistan at the verge of an imminent default. And we want to hold this government accountable for the countless follies and foibles of our former rulers?

Inflation is going high. Prices of oil and daily household are increasing day by day. This whole blame game has been put on Imran khan by the opposition and ourselves. He has held accountability of his right hand, they are exposed publicly. He is against sugar, oil and flour mafia.
When there is a reduction in prices, we credit this to none but world market. But when prices of stuff are hiked, We raise question and put all the blame on Imran Khan. Do you think its the right way to do it ?


After assuming power, Prime Minister Imran Khan, has been called all sorts of names. We have heard people telling him that he is incompetent, unfamiliar with the traits of governance and politics. Others are convinced that at his core dwells an obstinate fool and on the surface he is at best a struggling neophyte.

Personal Attacks

Many out there viciously criticize that his obsession with punishing the corrupt is insanely disproportionate to the attempts by the corrupt to seek an escape from punishment. His private life has been riddled with nasty jokes. His wife and children have been targeted relentlessly.  In short, everyday Prime Minister Imran Khan is reminded that he is on the wrong seat .

People and especially youth love for Imran Khan will never die. People are saying on Tweeter that PM fights for Pakistan.
Pakistanis on social media platforms are supporting and defending imran khan and stand by it.

Here is a glimpse,