Jhelum: A young man’s dead body was recovered in the area of Domeli. The Police was reached on the spot and took the dead body for further post mortem.
According to sources, the 20-Year-old young man, Muhammad Qudoos S/O Masood Ahmed dead body was recovered from the forest of Dhok Las.
A large number of local people were gathered there as soon as soon as the news spread. Local people immediately informed the police station Domeli. The police reached as soon as the call was made. They took the dead body for further investigation and transferred it to the tehsil headquarters hospital Sohawa.
After the post mortem report, they will get to know that this young man has committed suicide or someone killed him. The young man worked at Domeli pump. According to family, He went to the Padhri on his bike two days ago and did not come back at night.
We went to the pump but they said he is not coming here from past two days. After that, we called all our relatives and asked about him. All the villagers started searching him on their own in different hospitals. The police was also informed about the disappearance. After two days, the dead body was found from the forest.

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