Actor Yasir Hussain’s recent stance against local brands, signing deals with Turkish stars making them their brand ambassadors, has landed him in hot waters. But this won’t be the first time the celebrity said something that triggered a negative response out of people.

However, actor Armeena Khan believes that the celebrity is simply being dragged through the mud for expressing his opinion on social media. She tweeted against the trolls that made derogatory remarks against Yasir and said that he was being subjected to online harassment.

Taking to the micro-blogging website yesterday, Armeen wrote, “I believe Yasir Hussain is being subjected to online harassment and bullying. I know he’s a public figure but some of the comments I’ve read are just depraved and downright evil!” She continued, “calling him and his family disgusting names and wishing ill over a TV show is below the belt! Stop it now.”

But users disagreed, expressing how the Jhooti actor often ‘asks for it’.

Some even pointed out how the actor was silent when Bollywood celebrities were being made the brand ambassadors, as opposed to now.

After being hinted as the upcoming ambassador for a PSL cricket team, popular Turkish series’ Dirlis: Ertugrul’s actor Esra Bigic has also been confirmed as the face of a renowned local mobile brand.

But a few celebrities, including Yasir, were not happy with the cross-border collaboration. Yasir felt local brands should be represented by local celebrities instead of foreign ones. And although some agreed to his point of view, including Aiman and Minal Khan, other expressed disagreement.

Actors Anoushey Ashraf and Bilal Ashraf disapproved of Yasir’s sentiments and explained how being a Pakistani should not be made the criteria for an ambassadorship. In a comment on Instagram, Anoushey wrote, “I’d be very proud to see our actors on a billboard internationally. If you want to work in tandem with the world, you must accept them here as well.” She then added stating facts, “If Fawad and Mahira can work in India, I’m sure international artists can work here. Let’s not be petty and instead use all our energy in creating better content, bigger budgets and make our stars huge.”

Bilal also took to Twitter to explain how art should not be and cannot be confined to boundaries or nationalities. “We need to welcome all artists from around the globe. Art has no language or boundaries, don’t politicise everything. Love and welcome everyone,” he said.