Actor Aamina Sheikh just confirmed that she has remarried.

After posting a cryptic picture of hands holding wedding rings on Saturday, the Cake star posted pictures of herself and her new husband on Instagram on Sunday morning.

Her husband doesn’t seem to be from the entertainment industry and so far, his identity hasn’t been revealed.

The first picture showed three hands—a man’s, a woman’s and child’s—holding each other.

Sunday’s pictures had no caption and showed her and her new husband in all white. Sheikh is wearing a wedding ring on her left hand and holding a bouquet of flowers.

In the second picture she and her new husband give daughter Meissa a hug. Meissa is Sheikh’s four-year-old daughter from her marriage to Mohib Mirza.

Aamina Seikh was formerly married to Mohib Mirza. They both remained together for almost 12 years and have a daughter together and after all these years all of sudden they got separated. Mohib Mirza talked about his divorce in Bol Nights With Ahsan Khan when he asked about it.

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Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh parted their ways with dignity. Fans were shocked when Mohib Mirza revealed the news of his divorce with Aamina because they didn’t drop any clue about it before.

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Aamina Sheikh has not shared the picture of her fiance but we all are excited to see the lucky man who got this extremely talented and gorgeous girl.

Aamina Sheikh 2

Celebrities have also congratulated Aamina Sheikh under her Instagram post in which she broke the news of her engagement. Congratulations poured in on social media from celebrities and fans alike after Sheikh’s photos were posted.


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