Gujrat: DC Gujrat Saif Anwar Japa has said that everyone should contribute to good deeds. The kidney center has received a good response from Norway. We will also create other resources to keep the kidney center working. This is an expensive treatment. Clean water problems are also on the rise. Overseas Pakistanis have a very important role to play in the development of Pakistan. Work is being done on a priority basis to solve the problems of overseas Pakistanis. 


He expressed these views while addressing a dinner hosted by president kidney canter Mian Muhammad Ijaz in honor of Chairman Pakistan Union Norway Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal and other overseas Pakistanis. Chairman Pakistan Union Norway Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal, Mian Muhammad Ejaz, Sheik Fawad Anwar, Syed Zaki al Hassan Shah, Azmatullah Advocate, Raja Timur Tariq, Tufail Mir also expressed their views on the occasion. DC Gujrat said that overseas Pakistanis from Norway will also be included in the committee so that suggestions can be taken from them and they can give their suggestions in the meetings. President of the Kidney Center Mian Muhammad Ijaz said that with the funds received by the kidney center in collaboration with Pakistan Union Norway, we have purchased dialysis machines and a new hall has been constructed where dialysis machines will be installed for 20 more patients.  At present, there are 40 machines. In which 7 machines will be inaugurated in the same month.

He said that I have not been able to go to  Norway this year because of the corona, but I urge them to donate their zakat to the kidney center and create more new donors. The number of patients at the kidney center is also increasing, Mian Muhammad Ijaz said. Now there will be more than 100 dialysis per day and its monthly expenses will also increase. We are looking for a new donor in which overseas Pakistanis can play a big role. Chairman Pakistan Union Norway Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal said that the hearts of overseas Pakistanis beat in Pakistan. Overseas is always at the forefront persuaded us to raise funds for the kidney center and arranged a meeting with Mian Muhammad Ijaz. Inshallah, good fundraising will be done next year as well. Currently, business conditions in Europe and Norway are deteriorated due to corona. God willing, our cooperation will remain. 

Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal said that the problems of overseas Pakistanis in the Gujrat district are immense. Occupancy of their lands and false cases are registered. Overseas loves their community very much and participates in every good deed but overseas is very disappointed with the law and order situation. They are involved in various cases. The atmosphere here is very strange. Kidnapping for ransom, seizure of property has become commonplace. Earlier, Pakistanis used to book their seats two or three months before the holidays, but this is no longer the case. DC Gujrat should also include overseas Pakistanis in its committees. Javed Butt said that dialysis was continued in the kidney center even in the days of corona and the staff was also given extra salaries for their excellent performance.