Hollywood actor, Rose McGowan, who played a major part in Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, has been extending support to fellow #MeToo victims.

In July, McGowan held a virtual session with Pakistani star Ayesha Omar, during which the two talked about the former’s journey from when she first accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and how she has been coping after he was convicted five months ago. Omar also opened up about being preyed on by an industry giant in her early days.

The latest Pakistani artist to have received support from McGowan is none other than Meesha Shafi.

The former Overload singer recently shared a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Grateful for all the love and support I’ve been receiving.

“McGowan went on to comment on the aforementioned picture and posted a handshake emoji.

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Earlier, Shafi shared a portrait of herself reworked by renowned artist Sara Shakeel, subtly talking about being ‘woke’.

She said, “We all have our share of struggles. Some hidden, some in plain view. We all pine and bicker about the way things are. Get into heated debates. Get ourselves worked up into a verbal frenzy of passion.”

In the session with Omar, McGowan shared how women are subjected to shame when it comes to sharing sexual assault stories.

“Girls are trained to be polite at all costs, to shove our shame down, how it’s our problem, we did this, it’s our fault that we showed our ankles – whatever it is – and the reality of it is that no, it’s a sick society and no, I’m not talking about Pakistan. I’m talking about the world,” she expressed

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