Leading local TikToker Jannat Mirza has announced that she is moving to Japan, reported Express PK.

The 22-year-old, who has an ample following on social media, recently shared that she is currently in Japan after PTA announced a ban on TikTok. Now, Mirza has revealed on Instagram that she has decided to move to Japan.

The TikTok star posted a picture on her Instagram handle, where fans inquired when she will be returning to Pakistan. Mirza responded she has decided to move to Japan. Mirza attributed the ‘low mentality’ of Pakistanis to be the reason for the move.

As Jannat Mirza is known to be obtaining her journalism degree from a university in Japan, this was assumed to be the reason of sudden migration by her fans and followers. Here to mention, the actress has also declared of permanently shifting to the abroad state in the near future.

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Nevertheless, last night, the ‘Shayar’ actress indirectly revealed her insight on the temperament of Pakistani people and her reason of abandoning Pakistan, which has brought unwelcomed disparagement towards Jannat.

Jannat Mirza held a question-answer session on her Instagram profile, assuring a reply to every comment. As promised, social media star was spotted replying to majority of the comments, flooded under her portrait.

Likewise, an Instagram user asked Jannat, ‘why are you moving to Japan.’

To which, the rising actress replied, “Because Pakistan is a beautiful and reputable country, however the mentality of Pakistanis is not at all beautiful.”

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Moving, Jannat Mirza Moving Japan, Jannat Mirza Leaving Pakistan

Soon after Jannat’s hateful reply, her comment section swamped with responses, as the patriotic followers criticized her pessimistic intellect fired towards the Pakistani nation.

Jannat Mirza, Jannat Mirza Moving, Jannat Mirza Moving Japan, Jannat Mirza Leaving Pakistan

The nationalistic users were quick enough to make her humiliated as they pointed out the fame and acclamations that she has garnered from the homeland only. Some even pointed her 10 million followers, highlighting that it is Pakistan’s sick-mentalities, and not the Japanese, because of whom she accomplished this milestone.

Other than that, some even entitled Jannat Mirza to be one of the double-standard Pakistani celebrities, who earns popularity from Pakistan, moves abroad and then criticizes their native country.


Earlier, the social media sensation has supported the ban on TikTok in Pakistan. “I, myself, wanted a ban on TikTok in Pakistan, but it should not be on a permanent basis,” she told various news publications. She added, “I am in Japan and I have received news from Pakistan about the ban on TikTok.”

She went on to add that many bases their livelihood on the app, and we have seen a rise in new talent as well. However, some people shared substandard videos on it. At the moment, Mirza reiterated, the ban is necessary but SOPs should be formed over the content and videos should be monitored. After needed precautions, the ban should be lifted. “Videos should be allowed to be broadcast after a formal code of conduct,” Mirza said.

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