KARACHI: A youngster on Thursday committed suicide near the UP Morr area of Karachi after his father was unable to pay his admission fee to the NED University

The victim identified as 19-year-old Hammad committed suicide after hanging himself at an apartment near the UP Morr area. According to the police, the youngster was dishearted after he was unable to manage the fee for his admission to the NED University.

The victim’s father said that he passed his intermediate exam with A-grade and was asking admission fee for the NED University.

“It took time for us to arrange money for the admission fee,” said the bereaved father who added that the victim asked for his admission fee on the day of the incident and a day before. “I assured him to submit the fee by Saturday but he committed suicide on Thursday,” said the father.

The police shifted the body to a hospital for medico-legal formalities besides also launching a probe into the matter with other angles.

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