At the invitation of poor children picking up rubbish and paper from the streets, DPO Gujarat visited the street school set up for the poor children and visited the street school.

Professionals and students from various universities volunteer at the school, which was set up to better educate and train poor children who pick up trash and paper from the streets. More than fifty children are studying in this school. DPO Gujarat appreciated the commitment of the street school founders and assured all possible cooperation for the education of poor children. He also assured to provide school bags, books including winter clothes for the children. ۔ On the other hand, special measures have been taken by DPO Gujarat Omar Salamat for the welfare of police personnel.
A welfare center adjacent to the Safe City control room is being set up for the convenience of the employees. In which police personnel will have all kinds of welfare facilities under one roof. DPO Gujarat Omar Salamat accompanied by the officers visited the state-of-the-art center and directed the officers to set up a welfare center at the earliest. He said that all resources would be utilized for the welfare of the employees.

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