Mandi Bahauddin: District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 Engineer Imran Khan while addressing the signing ceremony of the Educational Cooperation Agreement between Rescue 1122 and PPS School System said that as the head of the rescue, it is my duty to ensure that the children of rescue officers and soldiers are up to standard. Get an education He said that according to the MoU, the children of the present service officers and men of Rescue 1122 and their siblings would be given a discount of up to 50 percent and the children of Shaheed Rescue would be given completely free education. Imran Khan said that Rescue 1122 would provide free training to the teachers, faculty members, and students of PPS School System on accident management, emergency evacuation methods, fire prevention, and basic first aid skills. Director PPS School System Rana Afzal said that the agreement was reached to provide quality education to the children of rescue officers and soldiers. There is a link between timely help and acknowledgment of good manners and behavior with them.