Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar has come a long way to make a name for herself in the showbiz industry. The Bulbulay star continues to shine bright in the spotlight.

Ayesha Omar has opened up about her life as a kid, detailing struggles her family went through when she was growing up.

Ayesha, who has cemented a secure place for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry, sat down to talk with Waseem Badami in Har Lamha Purjosh, and revealed: “When I was about 1 and a half years old, my father passed away, and my mother raised my brother and me on her own.

She went on to share that even though her mother was very young when her father passed away, she never remarried and instead chose to solely dedicate her life to her kids. Recalling her school life, Ayesha Omar shared that they couldn’t afford to study in the school they were in, but she managed to secure herself a merit-based scholarship to get through. But it still wasn’t enough.

“It was hard to afford even the uniform and books, but my mom put together money by starting a school pick-and-drop service, providing tuition to kids, and even taught as a teacher to put together enough money to get us through school,” shared Ayesha.

Answering a question about the “need of item songs” in the film, the actor said that she has come to the conclusion that movie makers should not rely on item songs and that “we should build our own identity”.

“I don’t know what you call an item song, but I have never done one and will never accept such an offer in the future,” said Ayesha Omar.

Ayesha Omar also revealed that while she had not been willing to marry anyone even though she had someone in her life before because she had to take care of her mom and brother. However, the starlet is now thinking about starting a little family!

“A woman was widowed with two tiny children and not a penny to her or her husband’s name. Her siblings were all married and assumed that the well-to-do family she got married into, would take care of her, financially and emotionally. Her in-laws dissolved the family company when her husband (the major shareholder of the company) died and divided all the money amongst themselves.”

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