Pakistani actor Veena Malik has been served a legal notice by her ex-husband Asad Khattak for taking their two children to Pakistan illegally.

” My silence was considered cowardice. I hope a father gets justice because there is no hiding the truth from Allah. Someone has to answer for the pain I am going through. I have sent a notice of Rs 500 million to Veena Malik,” Khattak said.

Turning to Twitter, Khattak broke his silence and sought justice for his two children who he claims were ‘illegally’ taken from Dubai to Pakistan by the talk show host, despite a UAE court ruling in his favour.

“I have thought long and hard about this but I have now lost my patient. People mistook my silence for weakness. I am hopeful that a father would be given justice as in Allah’s court, justice always prevails. Someone will have to be answerable to the pain that I am currently going through. I have served a Rs500million notice to Veena Malik.”



Malik, in response to her ex-husband’s allegations, shared divorce papers and child custody papers on Twitter, saying that she has been in charge of child custody since September 25, 2019, under the law and Sharia. In Dubai, too, she has been appointed guardians of the children.

In response Asad said, “These are the real Dubai court orders, rejecting Veena Malik’s custody and handing over the minors to father. Such a shame and blatant lie in the eyes of the law and state. Still I am seeking the answers how kids were transferred from Dubai to Pakistan?” he said in another tweet, as he posted photos of the court orders.

He also urged Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Ministry of Interior to take action against Malik for illegally transferring their kids from UAE to Pakistan, also requesting the government to place his ex-wife on the Exit Control List.

However, Malik denied the accusation and claimed to be the rightful guardian of their kids as she shared a copy of legal orders issued by a Rawalpindi family court which showed that she had custody of since September last year.

It should be noted that according to the documents shared by Malik, the two had divorced in 2017, which they confirmed in 2018. They have two children, Abram and Amal, who currently live with their mother.