Under the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green Program Phase II, Canal Bridge Sarai Alamgir has been decorated with beautiful lights, construction of green belts on both sides of the bridge has been completed, said Chief Officer Azmat Farid in a briefing on the project. Told during He said that Deputy Commissioner Saif Anwar Jappa had recently issued special instructions in this regard during his visit to Sarai Alamgir. Under the supervision of Administrator Municipal Committee Ahsan Mumtaz, the project has been completed in a very short time. The lights add to the beauty of the city. The Chief Officer said that a beautiful mosque has also been constructed on the green belt along the Upper Chenab Bridge while seating arrangements have also been made here. He said that the canal park has also been renovated under the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green Program Phase II while the facilities for visitors to the park are also being enhanced.