Pakistan’s ‘online visa successful’, now facilitated to 191 countries Pakistan’s federal cabinet has approved online visa facilitation for 16 more countries. After which citizens of 191 countries will be able to avail online visa facility to come to Pakistan. The federal cabinet in its meeting on Tuesday approved the summary sent by the interior ministry as an additional agenda item. A Home Ministry spokesman said: “This has not only facilitated foreigners coming to Pakistan but has also brought transparency in the visa system. One of the advantages of an online visa is that it does not require any kind of recommendation or bribe, nor does it raise the question of whether or not to give preference to anyone. That is why it was decided to expand this facility. The federal cabinet approved Pakistan’s new visa system in January last year. Under which online visa facility was provided to the citizens of 175 countries from March 2019. According to the spokesperson, “Now that the homework has been completed and the system has been further improved, it has been decided to provide online visa facility to the citizens of the remaining 16 countries as well.” “Now citizens of 191 countries around the world can apply for visas online for different visa categories,” the spokesman said. This is to facilitate the issuance of visas to the citizens of other countries through better use of modern technology by the present government. This will not only boost tourism, business and investment in Pakistan but also bring transparency in the issuance of visas. It may be recalled that in January 2019, a new visa policy was introduced to promote tourism in the country and highlight Pakistan’s better identity around the world. In which e-visa facility was provided to 175 countries And the process of issuing visa on arrival to citizens of 50 countries was started in the country. Under this policy, Indian-born British and American citizens holding American or British passports were also allowed visas upon arrival in Pakistan. Similarly, tour operators approved by the International Air Transport Association were allowed to bring tourists to Pakistan in groups and a separate visa category was introduced for this purpose. Under the same policy, the process of obtaining work visas for business purposes for citizens of 96 countries was also facilitated, while business people from 66 countries were also given visa on arrival, ie on arrival in Pakistan.