Gujrat: Accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Saif Anwar Japa, Sanitation in-charge Chaudhary Nasurullah king, he visited the city yesterday and checked the sanitation issues. He inspected the cleaning of drain near Qabli Check Post yesterday and issue instructions to improve the cleaning of drains and no negligence of any kind will be tolerated because, in matters of cleanliness, people have to be given the best facilities. 


He said that all strategies should be adopted to improve the sanitation situation in Gujrat and no negligence should be taken in the matter of sanitation because we want to solve people’s problems at their doorstep. He directed sanitation in-charge Chaudhary Nasrullah king to adopt the best strategy regarding the sanitation of the city. He said that better work is being done in the city than before and all resources should be utilized for further improvement. He said that we have always had and will continue to provide sanitation facilities to the people of the city. He also asked the sanitary inspectors and supervisors on sanitation matters across the city to improve sanitation in their respective areas.